I have an original song that I need recorded. I already have the drums recorded. So I just need guitar and bass. I can provide a Guitarpro file or tabs.
Why not do it yourself?
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I mostly play piano and drums. Not very technically proficient on either the guitar or bass. Although I can write their respective parts in an original song. Just looking to have it recorded to play to. I am tired of these midi's and fake sounding VST's.
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You know, I am curious. Is there something I am doing wrong? I get a single reply on this thread, yet someone makes pretty much the same post and gets four times the responses. Is there something I am doing wrong? I ask that again because I am baffled. This is like the thirtieth time in seven years that I have posted a similar thread here on UG. All of them garnering single to no responses. I have even offered to pay people and there is still no feedback.