i cannot play my bass guitar! i have tried youtube videos and just playing tabs and even listening to the music and trying to pick out the notes i have gotten a lesson book but that didn't help at all really is there a video or something you could post a link to to help me out with playing i am learning guitar and i know piano and drums but i just cant seem to figure out how to play bass i have 5 string and it is tuned it's a nice bass yamaha and i don't want to give up please help anybody!
Dude, Just think of a easy song you like. Lets say, Iron Man. Get on youtube and find iron man. Since your on UG search the tabs. If you dont know how to read tabs, google how to read tabs. Very easy. Then break the song down into parts as you learn it. Do finger warm up and exercises. Its about fun so remember to have fun with it
Well; your problem may be with the other two instruments. The piano and the guitar probably have more in common with each other musically than with the bass - even though the bass notes also exist on the piano and the bass strings are just the guitar's strings tuned an octave lower. The bass is unique; its role in music is to lay down the foundation and set the rhythm (along with the drummer).

When you say you "cannot play bass," what exactly is your problem? Are you having trouble just fretting the notes, or keeping time, or is it that you just cannot see how the bass fits into a song or a jam? If it is the first two, then you need to do some serious finger and scale exercises with a metronome. It is as boring as watching grass grow, but it works. Your fretting skill, accuracy, timing and speed will increase very rapidly if you stick with it and keep bumping the metronome speed up.

If it is the last, then you are not alone. Being unable to understand the proper role of the bass is quite common; particularly for guitarists switching to bass. Outside of Punk Rock, there is a lot more to bass than just eighth notes on the root. But eighth notes on the root are a good place to start. Pick some songs with straight-up eighth note bass rhythms and play along with them. Get the feel and the rhythm of the song and keep practicing until you can keep time all the way through the song. Then listen to some stuff where the bass does a lot more than just eighth notes on the root. Practically anything by Rush (Geddy Lee) or Yes (Chris Squire) will help you to understand what the bass can do, and they will encourage you to stretch your abilities.

Stick with it. You can do it. And it is definitely worth the time and the effort.
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thanks guys im gonna try to do what you said mabbamma and im going to practice finger and scale exercises fatelgear41