Where's the best place to start basic music theory. I want to learn as I can learn a song from tabs but can't just listen to one and work it out I don't understand what notes go together or chords and why they sound good etc. I also can't read sheet music.

Can anyone recommend a book that would teach me this in easy dummy type terms I looked at a book the other day and was just too complex and in depth.
music theory for dummies
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i like the complete idiot's guide to music theory (serious answer, no sarcasm)
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Check out the offerings from BassBooks.com. If it is a book on bass, either they have it or you do not need it:


As for what notes and chords go together; well, start by learning your scales and modes. By doing so, you will see patterns that come up over and over again, and the relationships in these patterns is where the music comes from. Remember: there are only twelve notes in music (unless you are into micro-tonal weirdness).
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