So I'm looking at a new head forum rig, I got the JCA20H awhile back and it was way to quiet to play bar gigs with and broke up super early. So I'm wondering if these will be loud enough for shows between 50-100 people an if they will be able to retain their cleans well being 45 and 50 watts they are dual channel and I use pedals so mainly worried about preserving the cleans and being loud enough. Don't sugges other amps, just answer rhe question please
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Between the two I'd take the randall.
What kinda stuff are you gonna play anyway?
No, forget it, if you can't get a JCA100HDM get the randall.

Mind that it will not be a lot louder than the jet city though.
If you have the money, you're better off getting a pa system or a bigger cab with more efficient speakers.
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I'm torn because I had a Randall die on me but blackstar amps are truely awful. I'd still say Randall.
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