I have a friend that is looking to trade me guitars in return for a service performed, but I don't know anything about guitars, and am not sure of their worth. Could someone help me identify these and give me a ballpark as to what they may be worth?

http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00057.jpg - PIC 1
http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00058.jpg - PIC 2
http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00230.jpg - PIC 3
http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00231.jpg - PIC 4
http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00235.jpg - PIC 5
http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00243.jpg - PIC 6
http://www.vendoru.com/images/CAM00246.jpg - PIC 7
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i would gladly pay you next tuesday for one of these fine guitars today! Also... what you really need is a new amp.
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I only perform services for guitars.
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The Les Paul knockoff would sell locally for about $400 to the right seller. It's a nameless chinese brand, regardless of quality, they never seem to sell for more than that.

The semi-hollow looks promising. Could be more like $650 in the right market. It'd be super helpful if you could get me a picture of the sticker that should be inside the top F-hole. It could very well be a Harmony knock off with fancy stuff on it work $250 depending on the factory of origin.
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