I've spent a lot of time wiring and re-wiring a couple of Jimmy Page mods with little success. I started out with the Seymour Duncan version first. Re-wired from scratch about a dozen times with the same results, one pup low output and no effects form any push/pulls. After seeing similar results happening to others bitching about it on the SD forum I moved on. I then tried a couple of variations from a site run by a dude named Hermitico. No joy there either. Now I consider myself a careful and thorough person when it comes to soldering skills. I make careful shiny solder joints with a minimal amount of solder. I don't end up with gobs of solder all over the pot jackets and the bottom of the cavity. I triple check everything to follow the diagram exactly. Here's my question... Has anyone found a Jimmy Page mod that they have wired and achieved the 21 tones to qualify as a successful Jimmy Page mod?
Where can I find it?
I'm tired of wiring multiple times and striking out all the time. I'd like to do the job, unplug the iron, screw on the back plate and plug into the amp and hear a guitar ready to strip the wallpaper off with scorching rock JP style.
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Can't tell what you're doing wrong, but I've done it a few times from whatever standard diagram is floating around google and it worked fine.

Think I used this one:
More on that site:

If it's any consolation, I don't think it's a worthwhile mod and Page didn't even have the mods done until well after Zeppelin. I think the push/pull for series/parallel is much more useful.
Thanks Colin & AH, I too purchased a pre-wired harness from JerseyShore and was underwhelmed by it's capabilities, but nevertheless it does combine the most desired features that humbucker users want. However, for what it cost's and what you get, I decided I'd just wire it myself. I guess I was just a little surprised that the SD folks left a "buggy" diagram up despite knowing it did not contain all the work-arounds needed to make it work right. The reason being "it was already too busy on the page" or at least that was what I read in the SD forum. I'll take another stab today at another scaled down diagram that gives the same features with a streamlined wiring config. I'd like to be able to do this mod if I acquire a guitar that could benefit - just like adding a 4way switch to a Tele if need be.
I did finally opt for a simplified JP mod (tiny/lvv2bx2) that admittedly was not the authentic but nonetheless delivered the same tones as any of the other varieties. The take away lessons from the experience: Test all pots with a multi-meter, eyeball the toggle switch to be sure all blades are making proper contact at each setting, triple check your wiring connections for any shorts or misplaced connections, look for any broken lugs or connections that came undone when introducing the harness into the cavity.
The end result... I like it. I get some nice variety in the tones and it's subtle. Nothing earth-shattering but nice varied tones that can be shaped to enhance any other pedals or effects. It's worth having at least one guitar in your line-up that has this capability. Next project... home made Tele-Gib.
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