I was using the tremolo on an old Westone guitar and while using it the tension went slack. I took it apart and the block broke!

The part where the screws go into the block are broken and the part where the trem arm holder screws in also broke. So there are four contacts that need into the block, three screws and one trem arm holder that screws in.

How should I fix? I've been browsing trem blocks on Ebay, but they don't seem to have the trem arm holder attached. Also, on this trem system you don't cut the ball ends, the strings also go through the trem block. Idk if I can mold the broken pieces back into the old block? Idk any who makes these kinds of things custom. Suggestions? Where might I find another or fix?

This is what it looks like...

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If there are no replacement parts available on eBay, there's probably a good chance that the tremolo bridge you're using may have been discontinued, especially if you've been using it for a very long time.
Having said that, is there any way that you can contact the dealer/store you bought the guitar from to see if they have any solutions to the problem?
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Bought it from the owner, not a dealer. I don't know if there's a replacement part on Ebay or not. Haven't been able to locate.
If you haven't been able to locate it, then as I've said before, there's a good chance that your tremolo bridge may have been discontinued.
I'd suggest that you take this time to measure the dimensions of the tremolo block cavity as well as the bridge cavity on your guitar. With a few routings here and there, you'd just might be able to swap the old tremolo bridge out with a genuine Floyd Rose.
Note that I've handled Floyd Rose guitars before but do not own them, so tremolo bridges may not be on my strongest side of knowledge, but at the very least, hope this gives you my 2 cents.
there is no repair, its all fugged up.

bummer. you could see if you can find a new modern trem that would fit.
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That isn't a very good bridge anyway. Not a double locking system. With the expense involved in trying to fix it, you are better off putting a Gotoh 1996 in there. You'll get everything you need, a brass block and a double locking trem.
Does anyone know if there are any other models this tremolo system is used in or any other replacements that would work for it?
Just found out it's called an Epiphone Bennder or Bendmaster. It's made by a company called Jinah which is stamped into the block. Floyd Rose got mad and sued Epiphone so they stamped Floyd Rose even through it is not really. I am having trouble locating one like this. Can anyone else resource?

Found this thread though: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/76083-my-87-s-800-help-with-tremolo-update/
Just take it to a small machine shop; they'll build you a new one. Take all the pieces, take the whole trem. You'll probably want to have the new one built out of brass, and if you take the guitar to the machine shop, you'll also be able to figure out how and where to make it heavier/larger (better sustain, generally).