Link doesn't work - it tells me that they can't find the track.
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As I listen:

Love the intro. Maybe during the first time the bass stops playing, you could have another synth do a bit of a fill in the empty space.

I like the way that lead kind of just fades in around the one minute mark.

Overall, this is really solid; you've got a complex composition that keeps changing and having layers added, keeping it interesting. Well done.

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I like that it's a "real" drum. I have a hard time with synthy drums

There's a lot of rising action and dynamics, which is great. The melodies all sortof follow the same train of thoughts which binds them together very well, even the drums.

If I have to make a criticism, I'd say that it gets a bit repetitous. But it's a short song so it's not bad. Also sometimes it gets a bit busy and you don't know too much where to pay attention... but since it's a short song, it's fine.

I'd say if you're going to go 8 bit, go all the way, get some mario brothers coin sounds, street fighter character screams, lasers and shit. It's not bad as is though, in fact it's quite good.

Thanks for reviewing mine as well: