A song I've been working on for the last two days. It's kind of split into two parts, a to the second c, and e to h. I don't really know how I feel about these two parts feeling sort of disconnected from each other (maybe they're not?).

I'm not sure how to end it either. Right now, I could end it with a fade-out on h, but that feels sort of unsatisfying doesn't it? Like it's too short.

I should probably remove d as well, but I liked it and I might revisit if I'm going to continue it instead of ending it. But yeah, it's aout of place
I really liked this. Like, really did. Didn't feel it was all over the place at all, I like this kind of wacky, fun and prog stuff. Especially bars 23-35 sounded awesome, the piano stuffs bring a lot of life to the overall feel.

Oh and bars 42-45 too.

But it's just like, my opinion, maan.
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