Hi Everyone,

Actually i don't really understand so much about electric guitars. I just want to buy a present to my friend. He wants a specific model of Ibanez electric guitars for a while. What i just know from that model are it is totally black, its price is not less then like 700 USD, it may be much more. It's serie may be RG540 or sth like that, i don't really know. What i would like from your side is can you please send me the options in that range? Links etc? I don't even know where/which web side to check. This is really important for me ! I need to find the model he wants within 10 days.

Thank you so much in advance!
There are literally dozens of black Ibanez guitars in that price range. You may be better off just asking.
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Amps and the like:
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These are most of the current black Ibanez RGs over $700:

RG3520ZE - This is a fantastic guitar, and is the most likely candidate.

RG655 - Another great guitar and likely candidate.

RGD2127FX - This is an extended range seven string guitar, and may not be what the person is looking for.

RG960QM - This one isn't quite "all black".

RGIB6 - This is another extended range guitar, but is 6 strings.

RG652 - A cheaper version of the ones above. Still a great guitar at a great price point.

RGIR28FE - This is an 8 string. Do not get this unless it was specifically requested.

That's pretty much it for the Ibanez guitars that are available new, are above $700, and come in black. I would personally go for the RG652 or the RG3520ZE.

I hope that helps!
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Dear both, thank a lot! These information really helped me so much. I will let you know if i could fine the one he wants.

Thanks again!
You must be a good friend!

Playing off what TheStig said, if at all possible, I'd simply take your friend to a guitar store and have him show you the one he wants. Let him try it out in store, but don't tell him your plan.

Then pay for it. Your friend is happy, and you get to see the look on his face!
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