I can't speak english very well.sorry.

Anyway...I have Boss Ns-2.(noise gate?)But I hate it.

It's work when not playing!

I want work when playing!(I want cut "distortion underneath noise".)

So I play internet search.

I find "Isp decimator pedal and Hush pedal".(noise expander?)

Is it work when playing?
I haven't tried the hush but the decimator doesn't cut noise (at least the way I set it) when you're playing either.
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All noise should be cut and reduced as much as possible from the source. After that, THEN you use a noise gate.

A noise gate only determines when you're playing or not by basically setting a threshold that is louder than the noise and quieter than your playing. If the noise to signal ratio is narrow then you will have a lot of noise in your signal regardless of what you do.

There are gates that do some filtering to cut out the noise, but noise gates can affect your signal quality.
^ the noise gates that filter out the noise aren't really gates.
The ones who cut your signal when the level goes below a certain level (threshold) are the gates.

Also, a noise gate is half an expander.
An expander works by making quieter the signal under a certain threshold and making louder the signals over a certain (different) threshold, and the noise gate is the one that makes significantly quieter the signals below a certain level, which should be the noise level.
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