Okay guys, I've been playing a long time, over 35 years which is probably older than some of you. I'm just an old metal head and still play in a classic metal band . Anyway, a long time ago I was desperate for money and sold my les paul and some other gear to keep things afloat. Now les pauls are a little out of my range price wise so I've been looking for something more affordable . I've been playing Ibanez guitars for a long time and reallyy like their action and play ability. So I've been looking at the new Ibanez ARZIR20 their new les paul style guitar that they call iron label. Have yet to play one but was wondering how they compare to the esp ec 1000? Essentially they seem the same. Very similar body style, both have emg's in them the only thing I see as being different is that esp's seem to be a bit more money. Just wondering if the esp's are worth spending the extra money. I realize that it's all personal preference but wanted to get some insight from anyone who may own one of these guitars.
If you like Ibanez I'd say stick with that. ESPs have a completely different feel to them. They are a bit more like Gibsons as far as neck thickness. If you can get your hands on one or the other definitely try them out. Personally, I'm not a fan of the EC-1000s gaudy abalone everywhere. I know the Ibby has it too but not to as much of an extent.
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If you're happy with Ibanez, there's no point buying another brand's similar guitar without a compelling reason to do so, like different features not available in the brand you like.
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I greatly prefer EC-1000 or Eclipse necks to Ibanez AR-series necks. They are more substantial and more "Les Paul-esque". I think you would be happier with an EC-1000, assuming you can get past the abalone or find one in vintage black. I would just try both and see which neck appeals to you.
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I have both Ibanez and Esp, Ibby is 6 and Esp is 7. I would go for an Eclipse for epicness.
Get an EC-1000T if you don't like the abalone. Check my profile for mine. Its as close to Gibsonesque as you will get for an LTD
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