I'm new to this forum, been a bed room guitarist for 10years plus.

My favourite tune of all time which I play every time I pick my strat up is SRV - Lenny.

I struggle with my trail of concentration when trying to learn theory but am desperate for some new music to learn of a similar style with chord progressions and major based licks that make your hair stand on end a bit...

Clean soulful melodic guitar kind of thing. Apart from the obvious hendrix ones(bold as love, little wing, etc) and john mayer stuff, can anyone point my ears in the direction anything similar, specific songs or artist?

Would much appreciate any suggestions as I'm driving my household mad with the same songs all the time.
Love that tune =D I'd suggest Allman Brothers!

Can't think of much else as SRV is pretty distinct so I'll just throw out some name, Derek and the Dominos, B.B. King, Rory Gallagher, Alex Hutchings, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Santana, Gary Moore and maybe some of Gurthie Govan's stuffs?
I would recommend Eric Johnson - S.R.V which he made in tribute to Stevie. He also has some other great tunes, like Manhattan and Trademark.