I have the option to buy a 2nd hand Rickenbacker 620. I've always wanted a Rickenbacker, and the fire glow painting makes me want it even more. The guy asks about $1300 for it, which to me seems a bit too much.

Then another guitar came up, a Fender USA Vintage '52 Telecaster (2001 model). Price is about the same ($1300) dollar. I've never had a Tele, but would love to own one.

A cheap alternative would be a Fender Japan Telecaster, 2004 model. This would cost me $500. I've never tried a Japanese Fender, so it would be sort of a guess.

Last option would be a Fender Aerodyne Japan, also around $500.

I'd love to have them all, but I can only buy one What would be the best deal?
The Rickenbackers are completely different animals from the Teles. If you really like the Ric that much go try it out and make sure you like the feel. There are some guitar techs that won't even touch them because they are so weird in their building techniques.

Yeah $1300 is a bit much for a used 620. You could probably talk him down to at least $1100 on it.

EDIT: Just realized it's a Fire Glow. $1300 is pretty fair but still try $1200.
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yeah rics are nice but very niche. I'd only get one if I were sure I absolutely wanted and needed one. teles are arguably a lot more versatile.
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Have you actually PLAYED any of these guitars?

They are very different, and playing them is the only way you can decide which guitar is best for you.
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