Hello UG-forum!

My name is Andy and I am a self taught guitarist. I am currently playing in a punk-ish rock band and I am the only guitarist.
My problem is that my live sound is Very thin and I am not cutting through properly. While this is easy to fix when recording it becomes a major problemwhen I am playing lead parts live with the band. A mate of mine mentioned that you can mute strings you don't play and basically strum the lead parts to make them a little "juicier". I've seen Ryan Jarman from the Cribs do this kind of thing and I understand it in theory but can't really make it work.

Do you have any tips for this kind of technique? All help is greatly appreciated!

Cheers from Sweden,
I don't know how to do it, but I don't think any technique should be to used to make up for a deficiency in your tone. Maybe one of the gear forums would be your best bet, to see how you can cut through better with your gear.
What you describe falls under a technique called Raking. You can see plenty of videos of people doing it, but you really just have to practice and get a feel for it. No way around it, especially if you want to do big six string rakes.

My only tip would be when you get into raking all the strings a thumb over grip is easiest - your thumb and first finger can do all of the muting while leaving you ring finger to play the lead note. I don't see how you could consistently do it otherwise without harmonics occasionally ringing out.
@deano - I'll look more into it, but I am pretty sure that we just need a rhytm guitarist (to be completely honest)

@LoveFuzz - thanks for the advice! Now I can at least find some lessons with tips online <3