New song from my band. We're a death(ish) metal band from Sydney.
I'd love some constructive criticism on the songwriting and mixing.



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love the guitar tone, There's some really nice guitar harmonies in there. Do you guys play them yourselves or did you use a harmoniser pedal?

I like how the riffs change often, nothing gets boring.

I can't say I love the singing though. But then again I don't like growling, haha so it's no diss to the singer.

Maybe it's my crappy headphones but I could use more definition in the bass drum. It sounds a bit muddy and subwoofer-y. If that's the sound you were going for, great, but I like hearing the skin and the thump, especially during the double bass part. Howevery maybe it's my crappy headphones.

If you bring up the snare a bit, does that mess everything up? It seems not to be very loud...

No face melting solo? oh well, hehe

Overall quite good, though not my style. I can see how it would appeal to growl fans though.

this is mine for review, thanks