Hey guys,

I will totally review your stuff if you take the time to review mine!

So our drummer is just about finished mixing our latest song but before we release to the world, I wanted to see if you guys had an opinion, it's not too late to change minor details.

I think it's a decent song and mix job but maybe I'm biased haha!


Constructive criticism welcome too!

Wow, it sounds really professional and has pretty catchy moments in it. Definitely something I could imagine going on radio airplay. Got a kind-of 70's-80's sound to it.

But I do have a few suggestions - while the mix as a whole is OK, I feel like the guitar's tone is a little too thin, like it's lacking a bit more bass in it, and the vocals feel a bit too smoothed-out. Whatever filter was used on them, I think lowering it down a bit would give it a more lifelike feeling.

And regarding the structure, I like it, just that perhaps it's a little like a continuous wall of sounds to me - it sets off really quickly without much of a buildup (not necessarily needed in this case) and then the rhythm, for most of the song, keeps going pretty hard. There's a short interlude in the middle there, but it mostly feels like maybe is it a little too hard on the fifth-gear? I'd say that maybe if the tempo was SLIGHTLY lower it would be lighter to my ears. Otherwise it's great, and these are just suggestions so if you're not interested in doing rerecordings it's still good.

I have an instrumental I currently only have a Guitar Pro preview of (crappy representation, but I can't record right now). Perhaps if you could give me some constructive suggestions it would help, as currently that thread is rather full of people trying to analyze my chord progressions.

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THe guitars could most likely use some compression or something like a boost just to make them less flubby and more punchy
Thanks for commenting on my band's song (the growly one haha). This is another account lol but yeah.

Overall your track sounds really professional- the mix sounds really punchy and you can tell that the instruments are recorded really well, especially the vocals and drums.

I reckon the distorted guitars should be EQd a bit differently, maybe some more mids and less treble? It sounds kinda fizzy. Also, towards the beginning, i find that the bass is too overpowering and loud- maybe give some of that space to the electric guitars so they balance out more?

Other than that, it sounded really good.
Before the vocals started, I thought it reminded me a bit of David Bowie (a compliment). Vocals are quite good! Nice song! Melodies are good (especially vocally) overall. I know it's not easy recording real drums, so they turned out well. Everyone is playing well. Please review my music at this link:

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The recording quality is sick first thing, The beginning immediately catches my attention the drums sound good too. Very catchy vocals, vocalist sounds like Kim Gordon or Courtney Love (Im a good way), would have liked a guitar solo though. Overall great track
Thanks for the Crit