I am currently in possession of a Japanese Fender Stratocaster.

It was something my dad bought about 20-30 years ago, back in the 80-90. We currently have no idea what it's worth. We just know that stores don't mind switching it with a brand new fender. As far as I know, the stratocasters produced in japan was of higher quality, but Fender didn't make enough money on it, so they shut it down. They produced Fender guitars for two years.

If you guys have any ideas of what it's worth, I would like to hear it.

if fender didn't make enough money on japanese fenders why are they still making them?

post cavity shots for an accurate model #. neck pocket shots as well as the matching marks on the neck itself.

pics pics pics... serial numbers, string trees, logos, etc...
It really depends, got any pics/more details? Some models go for around the same price as MIMs, some go for closer to MIA. I bought a Foto-flame Jap strat for $350, but I have seen them sell for $600 or so.
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Look up the year here:
(search the web for collaborative and other sources too)
Then look for one going on EBAY (use the Watch function) to find out how much is goes for.
Repeat a few time to get an idea of price variation vs year.
Trade-in price will depend highly on condition.
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japanese strats from any given year can range in value from $250-1200.

year means nothing.