Hi all, I'm currently studying towards getting a degree in music. My plan is to become a top session player (or live the dream in a rock band, which is very unlikely). I already am a part time guitar tutor and I am a very capable player, sight reading, learning by ear etc... I was thinking about going to work on a cruise ship for a year or 2 when I come out of university, to get some money in and do some travelling whilst I'm still young.

I was wondering if anyone else has had experience in working in the on-board bands on cruise ships and could tell me what it was like, what skills would benefit me whilst doing this and the general experience of doing it?

I knew a lady who did that for four years, and ended up with the most consistent voice I've ever heard. She could sing a song ten times in a row and have it sound the exact same, which was great for the job, but her creativity took a real dip after doing that for so long. She's a really greater pianist and singer, but she can't write songs anymore, and blames it on the repetitiveness of the job. I sure that wouldn't happen to everybody, but that's the extend of my experience with cruises.

Also, you get to see some really cool stuff and get totally wasted for free if you get the right cruise liner.
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I personally don't have any connection to this but I remember seeing a really cool AMA on reddit a while ago. I couldn't find a specific one but here is a whole bunch from people who have worked on cruiseships, its pretty much what you're asking here anyways

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