Hi im niamh i play guitar and piano and i started writing 4 ish years well by writing i mean i have have only written one song in four years and its awful and i cant think of chords to form a song .so im here to ask any easy chords that sound good together also any ideas for songs because mine are really quite bad. Thanks so much please reply and i will love ye forever xx
A lot of pop songs have the same old boring G D Em C chords, you could write some songs to those chords.
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I've written an couple of songs in the five years I've been playing. One thing that really helped me was to know music theory. Even on the most basic of levels, it helps.

Something you learn in music theory is about chord formulas. One thing I like to do is form a chord, see if I like the tone and overall mood of the chord. For example, maybe I see Csus and I strike the chord and like the suspenseful, almost yearning tone. Then I notice the formula is 1-4-5. So I write out the key of C: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C. I take the first, fourth, and fifth notes and play the major chord forms of those notes (in this case, the C, F, and G). That's how I like to make chord progressions centered around a mood or tone. Then, you can mix in another chord (you just have to play around and see if it fits in the time and place of the song, if you need to make it minor or major for different tones, etc.).

As far as chords that sound good together:

G, D, Em, C
C#m, E, B, A, all barre chord forms.
C, F, G
G, D, A
D#m, B, F#, C# (that's in the key of F#)
B5, A5, G5, A5, E5 (those are in the keys of A and E, yet still sound good together)

That's about all I can offer you. Hope this helps!