My volume knob got a bit loose for a few weeks ago but I decided to go on anyway since I was still able to adjust the volume as needed. Today however, a cable snapped because of it.

I opened the guitar up and found that three red wires, from the battery and probably the pickups, had gotten torn from a white one leading down to the input jack. I tightened the volume knob nut so that it feels like it's supposed to again and soldered the red cables to the white one (just twisting them around each other and applying basic soldering), and I do get a bit of a signal but with low gain. The volume knob doesn't affect the signal at all, however the gain knob seems to affect the volume a bit. So I suppose something's wrong with the volume knob - perhaps everything else works correctly but I simply can't increase the gain? I've also tried swapping the battery of course, just for the sake of it.

I made a video demonstrating it a bit better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfS8OpjYQJU

And here's a few pictures: http://imgur.com/a/QsQUi#0

Any ideas? My guitar is a Jackson WRMG with EMG 81/85 pickups, by the way.

Thanks in advance!
What is soldered to the volume pot just now?

Were the red wires soldered to the white cable before? buy soldering the red`s straight to white i think you have by-passed the volume pot.

****Please bear in mind i dont know what the f**k i`m talking about ****
No offense but those pics are not of much use. Making a diagram of how it is currently wired would have been great. Anyway, looking at the pot with the shaft pointing away from you, the right-most lug is grounded, the middle lug goes to the jack's "hot" lug, and the left-most pot lug comes from the switch.
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No offense but those pics are not of much use. Making a diagram of how it is currently wired would have been great. Anyway, looking at the pot with the shaft pointing away from you, the right-most lug is grounded, the middle lug goes to the jack's "hot" lug, and the left-most pot lug comes from the switch.

I understand, I'll do my best to explain. I removed the volume pot to take a closer look and it almost looks like the middle and left-most lugs are soldered together, but they aren't. The middle lug is just forced towards the left lug... maybe they have to make contact since whoever did the latest repair job soldered both wires to the left lug?
You can see it in primarily the first picture here: http://imgur.com/mA6M3Ui,w8fgOx6

The wiring goes like this: The right lug is soldered to the pot case and two wires, one goes to ground at the bridge, the other goes to a solder junction of two large white cables and two other black wires of the same size that go into two different holes, perhaps towards the pickups. The two large white cables go to the left and right lugs of the switch and to these same two holes, probably the pickups.

The middle lug is like I've said just forced towards the left one, but it's not soldered to it.

The left lug has two black wires soldered to it, one goes to the tone knob (which is then connected to the input via another black wire) and the other one is partially soldered to the right lug (half the wires inside the cable basically) along with the rest there and the other one goesto the middle lug of the switch.

As for the input jack, it's only connected to the tone knob, the battery and the three red wires I mentioned in the opening post.

So... maybe I have to solder the middle lug to the left lug? Perhaps whoever did the latest repair job (or maybe that'd be the original state even, I'm not sure) just forced them together, thinking it'd suffice without soldering? And so the lugs got disconnected by too much stress put on the somewhat loose volume knob? Or maybe it doesn't even matter.

Another thing that crossed my mind is that you said the middle lug was supposed to go to the input jack. Thing is, when I opened my guitar I noticed that the ends of the three red wires I soldered to the white one from the input jack were inside this insulation tape "tunnel" (so basically the three came into the tunnel from the same direction without being connected to anything but themselves), and the white one from the input jack seemed to have been disconnected from them because there was no other loose end that could've previously gone into the tunnel from the other direction, so I soldered the four together. It seemed very unlikely that the white one would've been connected to the volume pot. Matter of fact, I don't think the wire was long enough to reach all the way to the volume pot, keeping in mind I cut some of it off and stripped it for the soldering job of course.

Hope that makes sense, thanks!
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From what I understand after reading through that last post, my bet would be that the white wire from the jack should indeed be connected to the middle lug of the volume pot. I think those red wires are ground/earth wires that have just been horribly bodged together and haven't come loose from anything. If it was your volume knob that was loose in the first place, then the action of it spinning about is very likely to have caused wires to become detatched from it, not anywhere else.

By the way, when you talk about "half the wires inside the cable", where wires have internal, insulated wires surrounded by a braided "wire", the internal ones genreally carry the signal (although one of them could still be an earth) and the braid should be grounded.
/\/\/\ He is correct, his post showed up while I was typing mine in and I didn't see it

On emgs the red wires are your power from the battery. You need to desolder that white wire from them and tape or heatshrink the exposed end of the red wires. When your volume pot was loose you turned it too far and bent your middle lug over and broke the connection to the white wire from the jack(the one you have soldered to the red wires right now). Bend your middle lug back straight (carefully so you don't break the tab) and resolder the white wire from the jack to the middle lug.
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Ah I see, thanks a ton for the help! I just assumed the red ones belonged to the white one because they were in the heatshrink tubing because they might have been connected to white one previously, but I guess you're right - they were just insulated that way and the white one was just torn from the middle lug.

I've now bent the middle lug back to its straight position and soldered the white one to it. The white one was too short so I had to buy a cable (it was copper and the original ones didn't seem to be however, maybe they are aluminium?) and solder it to the white one on one end and to the middle lug on the other to make it reach all the way to the volume pot.
I also soldered the three red cables together and put some heatshrink on the exposed parts. I did the same to the joint between the new cable and the white one (which is still soldered to the input jack on the other end).

So, in short, it now looks like this:

Input jack -> white cable (aluminium?) -> new cable (copper?) -> middle lug (with heatshrink around the joint between the white and new cables).
The three red wires are soldered together again with heatshrink around the joint.

The result is more gain but still not quite... oh, wait, I forgot to put the battery back in Works like a charm now, thanks a ton everybody! Here, have a virtual beer!