Hey guys,

So I'm a big grunge fan. I'm 16 years old and I adore all those early 90s bands everywhere from Alice in Chains to someone like Tracy Bonham, anyway as we know, singers in this genre and time period were renowned for having powerful and complex-sounding voices. Being a vocalist for a band myself, I write a lot of music that incorporates a lot of the vocal styles that were used back then. But I have a bit of a problem.

So when I started singing like this, I did moderately well surprisingly, having sung in choirs and played guitar since I was 10 years old, I picked up grunge around 14 and began to write music and sing songs with high belts and distorted vocals. I used to do a perfect rendition of "Lithium" by Nirvana at my local open mic (my vocals hurt afterwards so I knew I was doing it wrong, eventually I improved my technique and they usually dont hurt anymore). Now, a lot of times my voice sucks in the morning and becomes better as the day gets closer to the evening, which I have heard is a common thing - but that's not even the problem, my voice is not consistent from a day-to-day basis, like one day I will have my falsetto and the next I wont, as well as one day my screams will sound as intricate as "Outshined" by Soundgarden and the next they sound like a squealing lamb. I've identified that the problem is my lack of mucus in my throat. The mucus helps me get that distorted vocal sound. If I dont have mucus, my throat feels a bit more hoarse, stale, and dry and drinking water doesn't help. If I have too much mucus, it sounds bad, but if I have just enough - its perfect for those distorted mixed higher vocals. Drinking milk won't help me, and overall I've heard lactose isn't good before singing. With a show coming up, I want to ensure my vocals are at their prime ability, are there any warm-ups for hard rock\grunge singing....

Additionally, my voice isn't always as good and sometimes the mucus tends to block my higher screaming range - if you'd be kind enough to listen to this recording of a song I did with my band -> https://soundcloud.com/neopath-band/here-i-am
you can understand that my screams in the end sound like they're way too forced and they sound like they cause me pain. (they don't though), how can I make my distorted vocals more like Pearl Jam's or Soundgarden