Hey, everybody. My first electric guitar was a Graffix guitar. I haven't been able to find any other guitar under that brand name. It's a Les Paul look-alike and has a camo bullseye painjob. Zakk Wylde is one of my favorite guitarists which is part of the reason I bought it. Does anyone have any knowledge on Graffix?
I cant find ANYTHING about Graffix Guitars. It must be a knock off brand. I REALLY cant find anything at all. Except for one guitar and its a different model. Check around and see if theres another model name on it. HEY as long as it has nice action, sweet pick ups, looks good. You got a good guitar lol!
Lol yeah I'll look on it some more when I get home this weekend. I mean this was years ago i bought it. Must have been at least 5 years. It plays okay. I was like 14 or something when I bought it though so of course I was like "that one is the coolest!" I can post pictures up in 3 days.
My first bong was a Graffix
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Quote by Robbgnarly
My first bong was a Graffix

That's all I could find when I searched Graffix. Maybe they decided to make a random guitar idk..sounds really good for the $200 it cost