Hey UG community,

I'm curious what your opinions on Danelectro guitars are. It's difficult to find all models at a single time, making it hard to compare tone. I'm aware that the 59 model angles the lipstick pickups, how does that affect the sound of the guitar?

As the models seem to be constructed the same way aside from the cut, what draws you to a particular model? Share all cool stories, pics, and opinions!
never tried them but normally angling a pickup affects the tone in the same way (but much lesser) as having a neck versus bridge pickup does. I.e. if it's angled towards the bridge it's slightly brighter than if it were straight.
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I have a 59 that I bought in 1998 or so whenever they were first reissued. I recently restrung it with the ultralight Mexican Lottery strings (.007 - .038). Still plays good and haven't ever had any problems with it. Mine has the rosewood bridge but I think you can get the upgrade bridge for $50 or $60.