Hey guys! I recorded a new song, probably gonna go on an album at some point, but it's awhile from now.

Anyways, everything is done with an HD500. Guitar and bass (which is my guitar dropped an octave and then EQed).

It's not mixed super well cause my laptop is being weird and not working well, but it's listenable, I think. It will also be getting more leads/solos when I can get everything working fine.

Anyways, C4C and enjoy!

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Quality is pretty good starting out, good riffage in the start. I'm not too crazy about the clean part at 0:40. Not sure if its the clean tone or what, everything else sounds good there though. Drums are good. The leads are great around 2:23, sounds nice. 3:37 is probably my favorite part of the song though, the solo in that section and the end riffs are solid for sure. Good stuff! I liked it, nice work
nice intro, the watery effects really add to it, the distorted guitar could be louder, but thats my opinion, the synth is really nice. drums really fit too. loved the dual guitar solo, the harmonies were spot on, overall thats the highlight for me. the part after the dynamics lower is cool. the 1 2 3 4 guitar part (don't know what to call it), nice solo too man, overall great track
Thaknks for the crit
DiminishedFifth - Nice composition - very impressed with the guitar work. I'm not sure about the synth part over the first 40 seconds or so of the track. The melody works but for me I dont like the sound of the synth - it doesnt seem to sit well with the rest of the track.

I really liked the little runs around the 0:35 mark - that was a nice transition.

AT 3:55 and 4:08 there seems to be some weird little glitchy distortion sound (that could just be a soundlcoud thing or your laptop issue you mentioned). Not sure whether that can be fixed (depends on the source I suppose).

If you fancy having a listen to something far less adventurous check out my track https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1643672

Awesome stuff!

I dig the part at ~:55. Kind of an Allan Holdsworth Metal Fatigue era groove. Really cool.

If there's a major weakness for me it's that the mix isn't gelling quite right. I heard the clocking distortion that RabidBadger is talking about as well, kind of a bummer.

Guitar playing is great though, it kind of gives me a Cynic vibe which is really cool... I like it!