Hi, I have just been given a Boss gt-6 and although i am very happy with it I wondered if it was possible to use two of the settings on the FX 1 chain? My friend lent me his old gt-3 for a couple of months and i was amazed at how good the Boss gt FX Pedals are. On his gt-3 the Compressor/Limiter had its own setting and I had the compressor on virtually full time but I still had the option to have Acoustic guitar Sim/ pickup Sim and Slow Gear as well as they were on the SFX setting, all of which I used often, but on my gt-6 if I use the compressor (Which is now part of the FX1 effects bank) then basically I have no option to use any of the other effects I mentioned at the same time as they are all on the FX1 effect bank. As I am fairly new to the ins and outs of these pedal boards and I am sure there are those out there who could probably find a way around this in like 2 seconds, sadly I am not one of those. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou
I used to have a GT-6, great little box. Sorry, you can't use more than one item in the FX-1 slot at a time. But trust me, the pickup sim and acoustic guitar sim aren't worth you time. I never noticed any considerable difference with the pickup sim and I could never get a good tone out of the acoustic simulator (sounds like I'm playing through a crappy 8 inch speaker with a ton of reverb to me). If you need any more help with the GT you can PM me. I used it regularly for over a year.
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