Hi everyone.

We'll be demo'ing our adjustable-tone pickups at a coffee shop in a few weeks (the pickup's tone can be adjusted using knobs built directly into it) - and for the demo, we've hired a musician. We're paying him what I think is a pretty fair/generous amount.

Do we put out a tip jar? If so, what sort of message should it send? I don't want potential customers thinking we're stiffing the musician, but I also don't want the guy to miss out on tips that people will probably be happy to give him. He's very talented and enthusiastic.

I thought something like "Performance proudly sponsored by Dialtone Pickups, but please feel free to leave a tip if you can't resist!" might work.

You're paying him - if you're happy for him to have a tip jar then let him know and he can decide for himself if he wants to put one out.
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Thanks everyone. It sounds like it's something people notice would less than me. I think it'd seem somewhat greedy if I saw a tip jar out, but I don't know musician etiquette, so I wanted to ask around. I guess I'll just run it by him, and if he wants one, we'll put something discrete out.

Any input on what a fair rate would be for 30 minutes of setup, an hour or so of playing, and another 30 minutes of cleanup? Do we provide him with anything else, like food, a fan in case it's hot, etc.? Does anyone have any other general advice for putting on a show like this? I've never done anything like it.

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Nope. I thought some details would be relevant to explaining the circumstances. You're right in that I didn't have to mention the business name, but being mysterious seems unnecessarily attention-seeking too.
If you're paying him, a tip jar isn't really necessary, I don't play a gig and leave a tip jar for people who have already paid to come see my band. However, some people may feel like giving him a tip regardless if there is a tip jar or not, depending on how friendly he is and how good at his job he is... As for providing him with food, it's not really a common thing, however providing maybe a few buicuits and something to drink wouldn't go a miss! after all musicians have to get their food from somewhere!
I think if you're paying him generously/fairly there's no need to pay/supply more. Anything extra is up to you.
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Sounds like you're going overboard with the pampering I think the guys happy enough to just be getting paid to play anyways.
I'm super detail-oriented and a little perfectionist by nature, so it's really hard for me to just go with the flow. But I'm learning that's how musicians work and trying to adjust.

So I think the final conclusion is no tip jar, a couple bottles of water, some crackers, and that's it. I guess I'll save my grand ideas for signs and homemade fans and baked goods for another day. Thanks again for the suggestions.
waiters get paid and still get tips?.....
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They are probably paying him far more than a waiter would make per hour here.