Hey Guys,
I am doing a project that involves designing a guitar aid at university and was wondering if I could have your opinions. I know nothing beats practicing with an actual guitar, but what about when your out of reach of it, in the class, office or travelling?

Anyway I have purchased numerous hand exercisers such as the Gripmaster and also a Shredneck Guitar, and was wondering if I could have your opinion on those.

I have made a 3 minute survey, so if you're interested in helping it would be great!


I think they're uttery useless, especially the shredneck.
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I might do the survey when I get home but for now I'll just say:

If I can't take a guitar or don't have access to one then I just don't play. If that's the case then I probably have other things to do with my time anyway.

I also agree that they're entirely useless.
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Thanks for replying. Im just trying to gather people's opinions negative and positive. And with regards to the shredneck, I agree but your opinions mean more than mine for the project.
I agree with Zaphod and Steven. They are useless, if i can't practice with a guitar then i practice something else i can do without one. (Ear training, transcription, sight reading).
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