I have a MG100DFX Marshall amp and I have JAMUP pro and Bias apps on my Ipad. I have purchased an Apogee Jam interface and I am not sure where to stick the output lead into my amp. As far as I can see there are three options , the actual guitar input on the amp, the CD in input or one of the inputs on the back of the amp labelled FXsend and FXreturn. Please help as I do not want to blow anything up, as you can guess I am a novice - only being playing for six months. There is also a switch labelled +4dB and -10dB by the two fx sockets - what do I select ?
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If your guitar is plugged into your iPad stick it in the front

If you are using the iPad for backing tracks and want to play your guitar over the top, stick your guitar in the front and the iPad in the "CD in" bit

You wont be able to blow anything up, dont worry
use +4dB, and leave the boost thing whatever on the front on, too. Plug into the input and you're golden (not really, but it'll work).
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Just dont use the amp at all.

Plug the guitar into your interface, the interface into the ipad, and download some amp sims. They will be 100 times better than your amp.
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Don't use that amp. Stick some decent headphones into your iPad. 10x better.
I was actually going to post that you shouldn't tell people you own that amp on here, but decided that I didn't really care to help you out
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