So I've been trying to sell my Peavey Triple X head for a while now and I'm letting it go for $550 (It's in great condition with 1 year of tube wear). This guy on Kijiji offered me this as a trade: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitare/laval-rive-nord/fender-vintage-stratocaster-japan-1986-87-f-039477/580688007

Seeing as I am currently using my peavey classic 50 as my main amp I'm not putting the XXX to use at all. That being said, is this MIJ Strat worth trading for? I hear a lot about how the Japanese strats are sometimes better quality than American ones.

Also, should I ever want to resell it I don't think I'd have as much trouble as I am having trying to liquidate this xxx head.

Would you do it?
If it were me I'd probably just get get the $550 and buy a nice used Jag or Jazzmaster lol. As far as the quality, it's probably pretty good. I used to have a Fender Mustang that was MIJ and it was so tight feeling, like everything was just perfectly set up.
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I know I've been trying to get cash for it but nobody's stepping up. And I get so many trade offers that don't interest me...this one does though. :/
Eh, I don't know if I'd bite, but mostly just because it is a plain old MIJ strat by the looks of it, not really a super appealing deal to me, but if you want a strat then that one should be quality. I'm unfamiliar with how the market is in Canada of course, so it might be a better deal. For example, I can find a XXX for closer to $400 here, and that's not even a "great" price.
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If you want a strat and you don't want the XXX then bite the bullet and make the trade! You'll kick yourself if you end up selling it for less than you want in a few months...
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Or you could do a trade where you say mij strat + $50-$100 bucks if the guy is up for it.
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i Wouldn't mind having a strat even though I literally just bought a new one...but I'll meet up with him. If the guitar plays well I might just do it. Anyone know the kind of pickups or even the type of strat model it is?