I have been playing guitar off and on for probably 10 years now. However my guitar skills probably equal that of a 1 year guitarist when it comes to actually knowing chords and notes and stuff. When I first started I sat down and tried to learn but was not very patient and got sick of playing twinkle twinkle little star...so I got some guitar tabs and started memorization.

I am mostly into metal and really want to be able to know all the scales and progressions to be able to play solos and shreds eventually just by knowing the scales and not using chords.

My question is...where do I start? I dont care to be able to read music. I know all the basic chords. But thats about all. I know everything fits together somehow with chords and scales and all of that but dont know how to go about starting to learn all of this. Do I start by just learning all of the scales? or learning more chords?

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Start with learning easy metal songs like Enter Sandman. I would focus on learning a couple easier songs so you can build up some technique.

Along with learning some simple songs, I would work on chromatic exercises to get your fingers limber. Also, it's a good idea to learn the major, minor, and pentatonic scales all along the neck. The scales, technique, and reviewing chords and songs will last you for a couple years.
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I would say to learn how the major scale is built, then how chords are built, etc. There's a million different sites and videos on youtube that can teach you the basic theory stuff.

Then once you have a firm grasp on what all that stuff is and how it works, I'd say to take your favorite songs and analyze the crap out of them. Figure out what key they're in, what scales the guitarist are using, how the guitars flow with the drums, stuff like that. Then you'll just naturally pick up your own style.

As far as the 'shred' stuff goes, you just gotta take licks and slowly build them up to speed using a metronome and good technique.