Hello everybody,
Here is a modern rock/punk/pop piece I recorded with my buddy a few months ago when we first got our new interface. This was the first song that the two of us recorded that only included sounds that we recorded. There is no MIDI, synths, patches, samples, or any prerecorded stuff on this recording. My friend and I are both guitarist and we take turns playing guitar and singing. He sings lead vocals on this song and I am singing backups and harmonies. I am playing the keyboard thing at the being and the piano during the heavier parts, and I also play the drums and the bass. My friend is playing all of the guitar parts. This is also the first time I mic'ed up a drum kit and even though I hate how the snare sounds and how much the cymbals bleed into the other mics, I think its an okay demo and a good start. Here is a link to the track on my soundcloud:


Please let me know you think of the song compositionally and what I could do sonically or performance wise to improve on it. Thank you all so much for your time!
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