So I have Presonus Artist.

My vocalist has Pro Tools, and I've never actually paid attention when he did this, but whenever we went to set the metronome in the song, obviously we had the verse tempo, and we'd either speed up for the chorus, or slow down for the breakdown, in which case he just started pressing buttons, and whenever we wanted to hit the chorus, or something the tempo would be good to go.

My Presonus, I want to change the tempo, I do so whenever I stop for the chorus for example, but the rest of the audio changes to the tempo. I think that's kinda cool, but it's not for useful at all for me, lol.

I went into Song- Song setup- and I UNchecked the stretch to audio loop button, but it still is doing the same thing.

I'm assuming there's a marker or something I have to put, to indicate when in the song the tempo should change.

So, I got at least 4 hours before work, and I want to keep going on this song before I loose my ideas, so speedy replies are much appreciated!