My first thought is a fake, the headstock color does not look normal to me.
No fender logo on the bolt on.
USA's almost always have 22 frets too, and Fender doesn't issue FR guitars much.
You need a model and serial number and documentation to go much further.

I'm no expert so don't take me too seriously.
I'm pretty sure it says made in mexico on the back, killing the deal.
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That's a Mexican FR HSS. One of the earlier ones, at that. They didn't do the CBS headstock on those for long. Having a micro-tilt on that neck for FR setups is a major time saver, too.

They sell for $700. As with any Strat, play it first, see if you mesh with it, and negotiate down.
So since its used its probably worth around that with the hard case and what not then..well thanks for saving me anyway
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So if it was made in the U.S. does that make it more valuable?

Yes, probably double the value.
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