How does the DSP compare in these two mfx pedals? I've had the rp500 for a few years, switching over to hd500 today. I've used the hd before and noticed a limit in how many effects I can have active, but never saw that in the rp.
Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks!
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Because the RP has a fixed FX chain it does not have a limit other than the size of the chain, and what effect can go into each FX location. Because the HD allows you to mix any effects including duplicates it is possible to hit a limit by combining high DSP usage FX.

The HD has 8 FX blocks and the RP has 6 including the amp model. The HD allows parallel amps in the Amp block. So it looks like the HD not only has more power, but allows you to define the limits based on your selection of FX.
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If you're trying to play crazy ambient shoegaze, don't get a POD.

Otherwise, you shouldn't hit any DSP limit.

That said, I didn't really find any good use for the dual amp feature (doesn't sound better to my ears).

I haven't had a problem with the DSP limit building any sort of conventional chain.

Only hit it when I was dual amping and had multiple reverbs.
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