I'm looking for a vocalist who is interested in early post-hardcore and modern rock. You can be anywhere in the world, all you need is a microphone made for recording vocals (Not a laptop mic, or desktop mic) that's also preferably an sm58.

The range I'm looking for is somewhere along the lines of Silverstein.

The sound I'm going for is driving verses, sometimes soft sometimes heavy pre choruses, and super melodic choruses. I write everything myself, though I got access to some fellow local musicians. I am currently in a local project, but I will devout plenty of time to this online project.

If you're interested, check out my soundcloud which has some rough demo's on it.

I wish I could sing high enough for these songs, cause I really dig Silverstein and the sound you're going for, but the highest I'd be comfortable singing at is about the range on My Heroine Screams aren't an issue, I can hit this range no problem.
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