First off, I hope I got the right section, I don't visit UG too often. If it's the wrong section, please move the thread.

Secondly, I don't try to copy anything, so don't hate on me. I just like Yngwies sound.

And now, to the main question - how can I make my BASS guitar sound even remotely like Malmsteen? I got an Aria 5 string active bass with Volume, Pickup, Bass and Treble Knobs, and I got a Peavy amplifier with an equalizer, though I don't know the exact models. Should I use a distortion pedal?

If it's impossible or you don't really understand what I want, here is something else - what are some good amp/bass setting for playing along speed/power/symphonic metal ?

Thank you in advance.
Well; you could try some slight delay and reverb, but for the most part, your bass is not going to have his dynamics because of the differences between guitar frequencies and bass frequencies. They behave differently enough that they do not respond to tweaking in the same way. Distortion boxes for bass usually have a much different type of "distortion" than do guitar distortion boxes, and even with good delay, chorus, and reverb/echo, you will not get that lush quality that you hear in symphonic metal guitar playing. Think of it as the difference between a fighter plane and a tank. In symphonic metal, The bass does not soar like a guitar. The bass seeks and destroys everything in its path.

For the type of music you are describing, you need real punch to be heard in the mix. Some bassists in that genre take a graphic EQ and set the sliders in a "frown" pattern: less bass, less treble, and more midrange. But the problem with recommending settings is that all amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and instruments are not the same. Still; you could start with that one. You can also read the "EQ" section of this Bass Forum's FAQ thread.
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