Awesome amps. I was wonder which amp:

A. Hits the Plexi sound better
B. Has most versatility
C. Which is most touch sensitive
D. Just any differences or maybe it doesn't matter
E. General help with a Plexi amp tone search (Yes I'm looking for an amp)

Question two, is if I crank it every time I play it, how often will I be replacing power tubes? Any recommendations there?
Not to make things more difficult, but I want to add the PT100 and the SH100 to this too; they look like good amps but I have no idea. Help anyone? Four amps one winner!
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Check out Nick Johnston music for a great example of the Friedman getting put through its paces. He is an amazing guitarist.
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Check out Nick Johnston music for a great example of the Friedman getting put through its paces. He is an amazing guitarist.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only Nick Johnston fan here. He's really one of the best around for me: great tone, unique phrasing, incredible tecnique (that hybrid picking!) and a really nice guy too.

On topic, it's a really tough call! Suhr and Friedman amps are some of the best Plexi type amps you can find. I think you can't go wrong with any of them, but it'd be better if you could try any of them first, because some differences (dynamics in particular) are much better heard in person. Out of those, the closest to a classic Plexi would be the SL68, but the Brown Eye has a few more options (and is just slightly cheaper too), so I'd personally go for the Brown Eye.
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With those it really comes down to preference. If you really want a great plexi, look a Germino, they are exact clones vs the Friedman/suhr HR take on them.
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I have a Suhr SL68 and a friend owns the BE100. Very nice amps. I also owned a PT100 at one point. Didn't really like it, this guy outlines it pretty well in this vid at the bottom vs the Suhr SE100.

On the subject of SL68 vs BE100, I like the Suhr for the plexi sound better, but the Friedman I think sounds a little more "updated". By that I mean not quite as harsh in the top end and some better lows. The SL68 I find more touch sensitive, and VERY sensitive to every change you make.

Switching pups to the Duncan Screamin Demon/59 and putting the Tungsten block on one of my Floyd equipped guitars sounded drastically different through the SL68, whereas the change was much less noticeable on my Mark V.

All in all, I like the Suhr, but honestly, I think you can find better for cheaper.

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