Well, first thing - your playing is very good, seems to be very accurate.

About the song (composition, more accurately) itself - I think it has great potential, but could benefit from more instrumentation and sounds. I think that some of the interludes that used the cool chord progressions sounded interesting, but the main themes that had all the dissonant intervals in them sounded too flat to me with the current instrumentation. Think like Dream Theater - some of their stuff are very chromatic, but they get a complete harmonic sense with the addition of the keys and bass (at least their less jerking-off-the-guitar material).

Anyway, I think it's still good, just see if you want to develop it some more.

I have an instrumental I made but currently only have a Guitar Pro preview of due to recording limitations, but if you have some comments about it that would help as the thread is kind-of filled with people mostly analyzing the chord progressions right now:

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I really enjoyed some of your riffs, pretty creative and sharp. I must admit I like a bit more space between ideas and riffs so they can have more of an impact kind of like your return to to the theme riff thing at the end after the chords.