Firstly my ideal amp would be a fender twin reverb 65 reissue but here in the UK they retail for £1300 which is way too much. My budget is about £600 but for the right amp I could stretch it to £700. Basically I'm looking for an amp that has similar cleans to the twin reverb but is considerably cheaper. I am willing to buy used also.

I don't have many specifics but a master volume control, 6l6 tubes (maybe 6v6) and one or more 12 inch speaker. Would prefer a combo but I don't mind getting a head.

Some fender amps that fit this criteria and are in my budget are:

Fender hot rod deluxe III
Fender blues deluxe
Fender hot rod deville III 2x12

How do the cleans on these compare to a twin reverb? Also an overdrive channel as well as the clean channel would be a bonus but isn't essential (willing to sacrifice it for better cleans or a cheaper price)
Look for a used silverface twin, should be in your budget. depending on the type of drive you need, fender may not do what you need
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How loud do you need to go? All of the Hot Rod series will get you in the game. Their cabinets are voiced a little darker than a Twin but most of this can be mitigated with tone controls. If you are regularly gigging to 200+ people I recommend the HRD or Deville. Just jamming at home and looking for great Fender guitar tone? Fender Super Champ XD. It might give you better Fender Blackface Twin tone than a Reissue Twin.
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If you need the volume, either of the HRDs would do alright. If you don't need the volume, I prefer the Blues Juniors and Super Champ XDs over the HRDs... But really the answer is an old silverfaced Fender.
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I own a HRD 1x12 combo, and it is versatile, clean and loud. I bought mine because my guitar teacher of some years ago uses his as his go-to amp for for classic rock, blues, jazz, C&W, etc. gigs here in Texas.

The drive channel, though, isn't all that good. I just use pedals to dirty up my sound.

I will also say that the Vox amps I tried when shopping for my HRD were every bit as appealing as it was. The deciding factor was my teacher's experience. I think I'd have been just as happy with a Vox, though, and given that its a British amp, you might be able to get a better deal on those than on Fenders.

I have been told- but have not experienced first hand- that Mesa amps offer excellent cleans and better distortion.
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Have a look at the Ampeg GVT52-112.

I got mine precisely because I wanted an amp with a great clean channel to run my pedals through.
Its cleans are similar to the Fender HRD cleans, but not so overly bright and with more pronounced mids. It's a great amp.
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^ I don't know, I wouldn't say it sounds that much like a fender.
I like it better anyway...
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Thank you for all the responses. I'm currently not In a band atm (I was in a hardcore punk band but due to change in my music style I decided to leave hence why I need a new amp haha). Although, this doesn't mean that the amp I am going to get now will never be needed for a band situation. Anything between about 20-80 watts will be good.
I can't speak about the silverface because I never heard one, but I do have an original Blues Deville 212 and it sounds amazing. Very nice clean tone and stays clean until turned up very loud. Has a drive channel which a lot of people don't like but I dont think it's so bad if you use boost into. I generally use pedals on the clean channel anyway for any dirt and I can get any tone I need if I use my multi fx.
here in America you could get the "real deal" no re-issue fender twin reverb in your budget used , but I think the Vox was a good suggestion from Danny for your Country
My line6 dt25 on topology1 sounds more fendery than my fender blues jr.
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