Hi i was just curios, for you that are over drinking age in your country and prefom in places like bars, pubs, and other places with alcohol sale. Are you usally sober or not when you go on stage? How do you feel like this affects your playing and performance?
I am always sober when i perform. To be fair, i dont drink at all, even though i am over the drinking age.
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I'll have a drink or 2 before we play with my band but if i'm doing an orchestra concert, i'm usually sober
I try to never have more than a buzz when I play. I definitely am more loosened up the more I drink before I play, but my playing suffers badly.
Exactly 2 pints of medium-strength cider. No more, no less. Just enough to loosen me up but not enough to make me worse.
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I'm completely sober. When my bandmates drink it makes a humongous difference for the worse. It feels bad to sound so terrible live after sounding so good in practice. Plus whoever is drunk doesn't realize it and thinks it went great because they were drunk.

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I would like to add that I think it also depends on the importance of the show. If it's a big show for you, you're obviously going to want to play your best. If it's a show in your friends back yard, you can prolly allow your self a little more drink.

For example, I'm playing a fun show tonight at a friends barn and it's literally just a bunch of local bands and all of our friends, so there's a very strong chance I'll be hammered by the time we play our set.
Always sober. Stoned players almost always suck. Just jammin with friends where we don't have to hit our marks? The beer is usually flowing.
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I get a little high, maybe a beer... No more than that. Completely sober if it's something important or I'm not confident about what I'm playing.
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Used to play in a metal band, stoned from practice to the encore, fun times. Never drank cause I wasn't of age and was always DD. Even though I was under some influence, I never thought about it or considered it while playing, I just played and loved every minute of it ... Unless we had hours worth of bands ahead of us, which I'd be pretty damn tired
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When I was in a band it was always more fun to drink a little beforehand. Loosens you up and makes you stop thinking about how you look on stage (Am I standing in the same place too long? Do I look bored? etc.). But definitely don't have more than a few beers or your playing will obviously suffer.
If I'm not driving and it's only a one hour gig and I may have a beer or two. Or more.

If it's anything over an hour and I'm driving I don't drink at all. I can never be sure that I'm below the limit.

To those who feel that alcohol makes you more relaxed/animated on stage, it's all about practice. The more you play live, the more relaxed you'll be. The more you practice moving, the more you'll move.

A simple trick to moving is to play songs infront of the mirror. A lot of guitarists don't move because they're looking at the fretboard. By using a mirror you will still be able to see the fretboard but your head will be looking up. Once you're comfortable with this, stop using the mirror. Now you can move around without looking at the fretboard.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Maybe 1 beer per 2 hours of gig, so 2-3 at the all nighters. Getting drunk on stage is a liability to be avoided. And definitely no need for a DUI.

Getting high can be a liability, too, if you're less than 100% practiced on the material. Sometimes you'll be really in the zone, and others you'll lose track of things.

Playing when you're shitfaced on anything is only fun if you've just completely lost self awareness of how you sound.
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Never drunk on stage, I don't drink anyway. The rush from seeing people staring at me every time I get on stage is enough to pop a boner....not really, but yeah.
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Always high playing, on or off stage, never bothered me or affected my playing but to be fair i do everything high.
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Always high playing, on or off stage, never bothered me or affected my playing but to be fair i do everything high.

My bassist cannot play his bass without being high. I enjoy getting ripped and just jamming with a friend, but I can't do it for a gig because I just forget what the hell I am doing.
don't think I've ever played a gig sober. usually smoke a joint an hour or so before we go on and neck a couple of pints while i'm getting pumped up.
If iv eaten well during the day I can play guitar to an acceptable standard up to about 6 pints and a few js. I am a functioning alcoholic though weed dont effect my playing at all.
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I am a functioning alcoholic though...

A little off thread but, someone once said to me:
"The difference between an alcoholic and a pisshead is an alcoholic can't go to bed while there's alcohol still left in the fridge"
just thort ya might like to use that one if ever the situation presented itself.

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My bassist cannot play his bass without being high. I enjoy getting ripped and just jamming with a friend, but I can't do it for a gig because I just forget what the hell I am doing.

My bassist slowly stops functioning if we smoke too much
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My bassist slowly stops functioning if we smoke too much

Lol that's me in general!
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TARA BROWN: Sharon, what did you see in Ozzy? Why did you want to manage this out-of-control rocker?
SHARON OSBOURNE: Well, he, um, had such a huge following. Everybody loved Ozzy. Everybody loved Ozzy.

TARA BROWN: And, under her guidance, the crowds continued to love Ozzy as a solo act. It didn't stop his addictions off-stage. But, on stage, he claims he was almost always sober.

OZZY OSBOURNE: That was the only responsibility I had was to give them the best show that I could give them.

TARA BROWN: How could you have the discipline to stop drinking for an audience, but not have the discipline to stop drinking for your family?
OZZY OSBOURNE: Well it's like, oh - that's a good question actually. I'm stumped! Um, I mean -
SHARON OSBOURNE: I said to you (at Tara Brown), "You've gotta move in, you have."
OZZY OSBOURNE: Ah, ah, ah, i-i-i-it's, I don't know, it's just what I did.
2 pints Before...no more cause then it get´s sloppy. And a beer between sets.....afterwards....then it´s party time!!
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