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Hey everybody,

This is my first post. I have written an article on the Boss GT-100 in relation to how to get the best sound out of your GT-100.

The GT-100 is a very powerful multi effects processor with just about every effect you would ever want/ use, however if you’ve never owned a multi effects processor, it can be quite a lot to get your head around. In this guide I will be taking you through all the methods of connecting your guitar to the unit and how to get the most out of your GT-100 to ultimately get the best tone from your guitar and amplifier.

Please see the attached PDF file which is available for download. Please let me know if you have any queries in relation to this post.
Boss GT -100 Ver2.02 – Effects Loop.pdf

Thanks for creating the boss gt-100 pdf. Great resource to have. The flow diagrams are very clear and layed out nicely!

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I'm not clicking on that s**t! Last time I took advice from an April '14er my dog died. Huh uh buddy, not again.

Jk, advice from people who just signed up is always graciously welcomed here at ug.
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Well that didn't contain anything wrong and it kinda was a good explanation.

Props for taking the time of writing the thing!
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