So, I've been playing guitar for a few years
Learned in high school, but I didn't start getting any good until I started playing nearly daily two years ago.

Now, for all the playing I do, I only play chords well.
Strumming and finger-picking are easy for me now
But I can't play solos and simple parts so well.
My fingers get confused and I start to feel spazzy.

Any recommendations?
Start with simple leads at a slow tempo. If you can't play it clean, slow it down more.
Anything that you can play GOOD at a slow tempo can be played good at a faster tempo later on. Take it slowly. Do chromatic finger exercises - start like on the eight fret on any string with your index finger, your middle on the ninth fret, ring on tenth and pinky on eleventh and go up like -----8-9-10-11-8-9-10-11--- then down then up and down. It's a bit boring but it really helps in the beginning.