I'm going to venture into making my own knobs. I have some ideas using a lathe and some figured maple and mahogany that I would hate to waste. I also have access to CAD programs and a 3D printer. It looks like an easy part of my project, especially compared to some of the other things I've taken on. Has anybody else tried either of these methods? Is there another way to go about this?
Depending on your design and the final result you're looking for, the easiest way is to sculpt or engrave the knobs by cutting/carving them manually from a small piece of wood.
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That's why my mind went straight to the lathe. Just a basic piece for the lathe that could use some stain and even inlays to make it nicer. Very easy project. I'd still like to look into some 3D printing and see how it would turn out. I'm just concerned with the quality of the material and the chance that the knob might not look good because of the plastic available to me.
Yeah, the wood is a much better choice. I think it makes the guitar look way better and there's a lot more I can do in the way of looks. I'm just looking at cheap and easy ways to enhance my aesthetics and making knobs is a good way to do this. I even made a set of knobs today out of the brass from some shotgun shells. Just experimenting.