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I bought a Squier Vintage Modified HSS strat in spring 2011. It was strung with 9's, I think. The neck felt compact and comfortable on my hands, but I play on 10's. So I add them and things change.

- The neck widened and thickened (think baseball bat) and became razor straight. So I tried to adjust the truss rod, leftward, I believe. Impatient me did the quarter-turns every 30 minutes and until I heard a *POP* and stopped....

- But now the strings are very tense and hard to fret and bend. It's like I have to fight the guitar to play it, which is sad, because that wasn't the case before. I've tried adjusting string height and intonation (which helps).

- It still stays in tune (even after trem use), good sign, no? But I want my VM to feel like my black strat, which is very slinky, smooth and natural.

Any ideas?
First of all go back to 9's. It will be slightly easier bending and fretting. If the problem persist take it to the shop. In 29 years of guitar playing I have only messed with a truss rod twice. Very small moves and it never did what I wanted it to. Both times it made things worse.
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