I need new strings and was considering getting a pack of DR neon greens. I have some on my bass and they have a really heavy, badass sound, but I wanted a little feedback from some other people before I shell out $26 and slap them on there.
I bought a few sets some time ago because I wanted to take some pics.

Well, looking cool is they only thing they are good at. They sounded terrible, as if they were 3 months old strings, ALL THREE sets. I have to say though the colour lasted much longer than I expected, infact a few months later they still looked pretty good.
I got a pink set for $2 and they lasted like 6 months before going dead on me. Though they were pretty nice
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$26 USD!? Is that a pack of two?

I put them on my Squier Bullet about a year ago. I don't play it as much as my other guitars but they sounded okay earlier today. They are definitely louder acoustically but sound very tinny on my Epi. They are mostly just for looks and a bit more clarity. They don't really resonate as much as any other set of strings I've had, though.
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I bought the DR Black Beauties (same thing except black). I had the same issue as Tappooh, they sound like shit. Dull and worn out. If you want colored strings, try Aurora strings. They are much better. Eack individual wire is coated as opposed to the DRs which are coated after the final winding is done.

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The thing that's got me so torn is that the DR neon bass strings are so great. But I'll definitely check out the Aurora strings. Thanks!