Hi dear UG members how are you all? I’ve been completely detached from playing guitar for the last couple of months due to some problems (I should’ve managed to find some time for at least couple of days every week but I couldn’t). It has been few days I again picked up my guitar but I’m astounded to see that I have forgotten many stuffs that I learned (I have been playing electric for around 2 years but started to practice seriously for a bit more than a year or so, I don’t have enough music knowledge and still I can’t play many basic things that a good player should be able to perform, I’m mostly self-taught and I just can play few easy stuffs). I remember I was practicing few exercises to get my speed and accuracy better which were quite challenging for me but I forgot now how to play them; I even lost those tabs. So I’m now practicing the basic finger exercises and my fingers hurt too badly like an absolute beginner, I also noticed that I am making way too many mistakes to pick strings. I was learning the positions of the notes and the name of the notes in natural major and minor scales. All I can do now is to just locate only a handful natural notes position, that’ it; the rests are gone from my memory. I knew how to play few Creed and Guns n Roses tunes but I’ve forgotten many parts of those songs. I can’t play the whole solo section of Holy Diver anymore which I played many times in the last year. I have never been even a fairly good player and now it seems I’ve lost whatever the playing skills I had. To make things even worse my multi-effect processor which I bought used when I was getting into playing electric, isn’t working properly. Should I start learning everything from the beginning? Can you suggest me a practice routine? Sorry for this weird question.
If you've forgotten nearly everything, then you'll need to start back close to the beginning. Assess your playing skills, then go from there.

Sorry to hear that you had to take off a couple of months. Best of luck with improving your skills.
The Enter key is your friend.

No one forgets how to play. A few days or even years. Pick one up and it all comes back.
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If you've forgotten nearly everything....

Thanks for your kind reply. I've forgotten many things that's for sure, but I haven't forgotten everything; so it is pretty obvious that I'll have to relearn many things now. My motivation level seems quite low, but I'm trying to work my way up. I need to settle down a consistent practice routine soon.

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The Enter key is your friend....

Thanks for stopping by and posting comment. I haven't forgotten totally everything but for majority of the cases I forgot various parts of the stuffs that I learned. I guess I need to work my way to relearn those. I need to be more regular with my guitar.