Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a drum vst that's as customizable as possible. Here's ideally what I'd like:

1. A giant library of single hit percussion

2. Each hit can be mapped to notes on a midi device (to make beats in daw - or any other way to make beats from single hits)

3. Separate channels to mix, edit, and add fx to everything.

Perhaps I don't even need a vst. Is there a way to map a bunch of single hits to a midi device and play it in a daw? I could then simply use various midi tracks for each part (kicks, cymbals, world percussion) which would enable me to mix, edit and add fx - this sounds juicy. Of course all the separate tracks would be annoying to draw each midi part on separate track just for one or two notes. Conversely, would it be possible to have all the hits mapped and route certain hits/notes to different channels withing my daw?

Any suggestions, questions, comments are welcome. If I have not made myself clear let me know. Thanks for any input in advanced!
What DAW are you using? if you can find/make the percussion library and you're using REAPER then you could do it with the ReaSampleOMatic5000 plugin. I'm sure there's a free VST out there that would let you do it with other DAWs (If they don't come with one like REAPER does) but I don't know what they would be.

Put all the instruments on separate tracks, and have them set to play on different MIDI notes. Then create an extra track, put your MIDI track there and have it send it's MIDI data to all the other tracks. The other tracks should play back when their notes come up on the MIDI track, and stay silent otherwise.
Thanks a lot guys! And yes! What a coincidence my favourite daw is REAPER!