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I like everything about Guitar Rig. I have to ask, because I've checked many times, is it possible for it to be multi out? I do this with Spectrasonics Omnisphere to save on cpu. I understand I can route different tracks to the single instance of guitar rig and overdub different parts, but the same patch is applied to them.

tl;dr: Can different patches from guitar rig be applied to different tracks whilst only using one instance? If there is anything similar, a program, or set of actions I must do to achieve what I am asking, please do share.


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I don't think so, if you want to save on CPU then just use the Freeze function. Right click the track, go "Render/Freeze Tracks" then "Freeze to Mono". If you want to go back and change/modify the patch then you can right click the track and go back into "Render/Freeze Tracks" then "Unfreeze Track" and it will restore the original stem and effects (which will be placed before any you have put on the track after the freeze) so you can change things.

I tend to do that with amp sims because it's more like in a real studio. If it were a real studio I'd have to go back and reamp the track if I wanted to change amps, so freezing/unfreezing is the same for me.
Thanks mate, that's basically been the process of what I've been doing. The other amp sims you mention, what are they? None of them can do what I'm describing? Why do you use them oppose to just Guitar Rig? Cpu saving?
Lotsa amp sims sound better and are lighter than guitar rig, have a look at LePou's stuff.
NI's stuff is cpu hungry in general in my experience anyway.

And I can't think of any guitar amp sim with more i/o options than stereo.
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