What's a fairly simple overdrive pedal i can make myself. I'm in my high school's electronics program so i can easily make pc boards and get parts for the pedal. Looking for a fairly simple overdrive pedal I can make from scratch.
Does it have to be an OD? Because Fuzz Faces are about as simple as it gets.
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Have a look here:

Click on the "Schematics and PCB" link on the left.
It has Fuzz and OD schematics.

If you want REALLY simple it doesn't get much simpler than the SHO or the Bazz Fuss.
A Sili-face II from runoffgroove.com is a great little circuit and you dont have to fiddle with it for ages to get it to sound good (and you dont need to find expensive vintage transistors).

Actually runoffgroove has tons of great circuits.